Garments Industry in Bengal by ChattaFort Garment Township

Garments Industry Bengal

Chatta Fort is one of a kind garment township in West Bengal spread over a land area of 100 Acres. Our mission is to create employment for that large population in the state that can benefit from the rise of the textile sector. Our infrastructure is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and machinery of garment production, processing, and supply. The factory includes a unit for jeans production and washing as well.

We are also wholeheartedly indulgent in exporting textiles from India to other foreign countries, including the USA. With India currently leading the global textile biz, Chatta Fort is a humble attempt to contribute to the rage and raise the economy of the country. At our premises, more than 20,000 people work under one roof and enjoy the commercial and residential facilities we offer, including schools, clinics, banks, site offices, electricity and water supply.

What’s more, we also encourage entrepreneurship. Our happy clientele includes reputed companies like Shyam Sundar Satyanarayan, Tina Dress, Sarowgi Brothers, Pilot Star, Impact Jeans, Blood Jeans, Ajay Apparels, and more. We intend to give the garments industry in Bengal a brand new definition. Do you want to become a part of Chatta Fort or know us better? Feel free to contact us anytime.

About Our Garment Factory

The garment industry of Bengal is one of the most well-known across the country and beyond. Generating huge employment and satiating a lion’s share of textile consumers, the sector has been playing a vital role in the country’s financial front. At Chatta Fort, we intend to be an active part of this sector, bringing about innovation, employment, and monetary benefits to one and all. At our property, garments undergo ‘cut to finish’ all under the same umbrella. We desire to uplift the local handloom and textile industry of Bengal and help it get recognition worldwide. We believe unemployment in the state can largely be met by dint of such attempts. Would you like to join us to make our vision a success? Chatta Fort looks forward to your response and co-operation.

Why Choose Chatta Fort?

  • The biggest garment township in West Bengal
  • Robust infrastructure on an expansive property
  • Huge employment opportunities
  • Room for entrepreneurship
  • Facilities for residential as well as commercial purposes

We are looking forward to the beginning of a glorious future of the textile sector. Are you?

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